Xoanon Analytics optimizes segmentation models by bridging market research and behavior data through cloud-based big data technology.

Equipped with Xoanon’s unique tools, that go beyond reactive business reporting, companies are able to fully monetize and operationalize their data through precise offerings and communication, as well as optimizing ROI on commercial investments.

Our Story

Xoanon was founded in 2013, but the journey started long before then. Already in 1999, Staffan Ljung and Prasad Garigipati was part of a team creating a data warehouse solution that over a decade was deployed across 80+ operators globally. Ten years later they worked together with Fredrik Valo on a solution to handle data explosion and real time analytics capabilities.

Even if the previous solutions were good, we believed there were something missing: A way to support clients to fully leverage their data and make it operational and actionable. We founded Xoanon analytics to create the bridge between data analysis and consumer insights.

A global mindset

In order to be close to our clients we have established operations across three continents, with talented people from different cultures and backgrounds.
We have built our platform and products on a scalable cloud solution so that we can work with anyone, anywhere.

Our name

The name Xoanon is Greek. It refers to a wooden cult image associated with Deadalus, who created the famous labyrinth on the island Crete that was guarded by the Minotaur. It was said that it was impossible to find the way through the labyrinth, but with the help of Ariadne´s thread, the Athenian hero Theseus managed to find the right path through the maze.

Just like Ariadne’s thread, Xoanon helps our customers to find hidden business potential by navigating the maze of behavior and market research data.