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After many years in business, various systems are shaped to handle different data sources, often based on services from multiple vendors. It can be a painful exercise to connect data sources and perform analysis while maintaining data quality and keeping costs down. Most of the time it requires both technical changes and substantial resources to make it happen.

Xoanon Analytics allows you to leverage data across systems, with system independent data collection supporting multiple integration points. Our scalable end-to-end big data analysis platform is built on cloud infrastructure with open source software. It is a powerful analysis engine that integrates your data in an easy and cost-efficient way, no matter system legacy or data format.

The Xoanon analytics platform encompasses necessary security and data quality management to ensure compliance with the highest privacy and quality standards. Our cloud solution is designed to adapt to client security and policies, with deployment in private or hybrid environments. Data anonymization, encryption and secure VPN are present throughout the data chain.

One of the biggest challenges with data analysis is to ensure consistency and quality of the data. We proactively monitor data collected and processed so can identify and address errors in the process across the four platform layers.

Data Collection

Both structured and unstructured data is collected from multiple data sources, such as HDFS, No-SQL and relational databases, social media sites, web pages and public data sources. Different technologies are used to secure the most efficient data collection and protect the information.

Data Management

Before analysis can be applied, data are checked for reliability. The data management layer performs various ETL procedures to cleanse, transform and process data. This structures data towards the industry specific information models (basis for further analysis) and ensures the data takes up minimal space

Advanced Analysis

Statistical and algorithmic models are applied to the standard information model. The Xoanon analysis library is fine-tuned to harness the full power of the processing environment and includes multiple statistical and machine learning algorithms.


All insights are visualized in a web-based portal so you can access and work with the information anywhere and anytime. We use Tableau, the easy-to-use business analytics software ranked as market leader four years in a row by Gartner.