Working in Xoanon

Xoanon analytics is a young company doing something that hasn’t been done before. The road we travel on is not always straight. Therefore it is important that our people take initiative, responsibility and try out new ideas.

As a part of our team, you impact who we are and how we do things. 
You are curious, determined and honest. You constantly look for information and strive to improve the existing solution. It is ok to make some mistakes, because we all learn valuable lessons from them and improve together. Over and over again.

We are located in Sweden, India and Canada and our clients are across the globe. Our workplace is dynamic, with opportunities to travel and impact your own future.

Do you have a genuine interest in technology, data and marketing science and commercial development? We are constantly looking for talented and determined people in these areas with motivation, honesty and a great personality (and if you don´t have to Google to define a yottabyte and confusion matrix we already like you).

Browse our open positions below and please send your application, including cover letter and resume, to our HR responsible. You are also welcome to send us an open application.

Open positions

The Applications team within Xoanon Analytics is responsible for all customer-facing analytics applications and APIs. This team works closely with the data Management platform and data science teams to deliver insights to Xoanon’s customers.

As a Lead Engineer in the Applications team, you will be responsible for:

  • Owning and developing the technical architecture and design of multiple web applications
  • Designing rich, dynamic client-side interfaces using JavaScript, leveraging new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3
  • Working closely with product managers and user experience designers
  • Generating productizable ideas and demonstrating their viability via proof-of-concepts
  • Mentoring junior engineers in the craft of web application development, especially the UI aspects

Key Skills Required:

  • Strong experience of Java-based MVC frameworks; experience with the Play Framework is a big plus
  • Strong experience in using ORM frameworks, preferably Hibernate
  • Good experience of working with HTML/CSS3 and JavaScript frameworks like Angular.js and Knockout.js
  • Strong OOP skills combined with solid software engineering practices like code reviews, unit testing, integration testing and continuous integration
  • Strong debugging and problem solving skills across the whole tech stack (language, databases, web servers and system environment)
  • Experience of developing RESTful APIs is a big plus
  • Familiarity with NoSQL backends like Mongodb, Solr, Redis is a plus

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • BTech/BS or MS/MTech degree in Computer Science or equivalent discipline
  • 5+ years of web application development

Xoanon Analytics’ Data Management Platform (DMP) is at the core of its Software as-a-service product. The DMP is the enabler for all our customer-facing applications like reporting dashboards and analytics APIs, as well as for our data science team to carry out exploratory analysis on the complete data sets.

Our philosophy is “continuous platformization” of all the analytics we develop, into the DMP. The platform team works closely with the applications and data science teams to continuously discover and platformize aspects of data collection, cleaning, analyzing, modelling and organization as tools and APIs.

As a lead engineer, you will be responsible for:

  • Research, design, and implementation of software modules & data models to leverage on high-dimensional, fast moving, unstructured and structured data.
  • Building smart software and data solutions that ingest, model and analyze the ever-increasing volume and flow of data from telecom networks, the Web, social media, mobile and offline user activity to understand user behavior.
  • Identifying, evaluating and using the most suitable open-source software to solve problems involving large data volumes
  • Building tools as well as applications whenever necessary (without reinventing the wheel) to solve problems and encouraging their internal use
  • Generating ideas and demonstrating their viability via proof-of-concepts
  • Lead and technically mentor, a team of junior engineers by being a role model in developing elegantly-designed code thoroughly tested and delivered in production within the planned timelines.

Key Skills Required:

  • Very Strong analytical and problem solving ability
  • Good software development skills with knowledge of Java and/or in other programming languages
  • Good Core Java experience, preferably in a product organization
  • Strong Communication and Team Skills
  • Experience working on the Hadoop platform and its ecosystem (Hive, Pig, Oozie etc), or a strong desire to rapidly pick up the necessary foundational knowledge and apply it to real-world code
  • Experience working with Apache Spark, NoSQL data stores are a big plus
  • Experience working with large datasets is a plus
  • Hadoop cluster administration and operation experience is a big plus
  • Ability to rapidly learn new technologies
  • Data Visualization tools

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • BTech/BS or MS/MTech degree in Computer Science or equivalent discipline
  • 7+ years of experience software development
  • 2+ years of experience in a technical leadership role
  • Experience working with large datasets is a plus

Development Operations are extremely important to us. Securing that all applications are working as planned, data is collected and customers can access the applications is how we make a living. You will be in charge of ensuring that processes end-to-end are functioning at its best and will work closely with all the technical teams in Xoanon.

As a Lead Engineer in the DevOps team, you will be responsible for

  • Monitoring and troubleshooting our data pipeline from collection till ingestion into the Hadoop cluster
  • Administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting our HW infrastructure, applications and other tools
  • Working closely with architects and other lead engineers for continuous integration of all code
  • Build and manage development and testing environments, assisting developers in debugging application issues using tools
  • Leverage scripting to build required automation and tools on an adhoc basis
  • Supervising and mentoring junior engineers

Desired skills and experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent discipline
  • Experience installing, configuring and managing Hadoop clusters
  • Deep passion for automation and monitoring – “Automate or Die”, “If it moves, monitor it” philosophy.
  • Linux administration experience (Ubuntu, RHEL or CentOS) with a focus on web (Apache/Nginx/HAProxy).
  • Strong experience in Bash/Python scripting
  • Strong experience with administering databases, preferably MySQL
  • Experience with build tools, like ant or Maven, integration tools like Jenkins and source control systems like Git
  • Understanding diagnostics and troubleshooting of JVM.
  • Knowledge of networking and security concepts is a plus.
  • Willingness to develop working knowledge in new technologies quickly
  • Good communication skills

Bonus Points:

  • You read up on and experiment with new technologies because it’s in your nature, not because it’s a job requirement.
  • You don’t just learn how things work, you learn why.